Friday, May 18, 2007

Is something eating my Veg?

Had a visit to the allotment today with Steve, After all the rain we have had the last week or so the weeds have just gone mad. Also noticed the Bollitti was not doing very well. At first I thought something had been eating them but then I remembered I have had problems with this bed before, Veg does not grow in except Peas. Peas loved it in this bed. I decided to replant the bollitti beans in a different bed so I am praying very hard they will recover! I will plant some more just in case.

The Cauliflowers has also been eaten, so we have now covered it, so hopefully they should be ok.

We have started the big marthon on weeding, we have plenty of them. Also plan to plant the last of the potatoes we still chitting.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Horrible weeds

It seems all we are doing at the momment is weeding. It also feels the minute we weed the next weeds wait till we leave the plot to show and grow like crazy. Will it ever end!

Quick Update

Just come back from a trip to the allotment. Planted a few flowers, Borlotto Lingua ( Climbing) and some cauliflowers which have been growing at home in small pots in the spare room.

The potatoes we planted a few weeks ago have started to appear, the onions, strawberries, garlic, raspeberries, peas are doing well. The broadbeans are still not doing well. I was close to pulling them all up but relised I have a few growing. I think I may have enough for one meal but not holding my breath. As mentioned earlier I will not be growing winter ones again.

The asparagus is also doing very well. We have heard it really hard to grow but we thought we would give it a go. Most of the spears have started to grow and produce the flower. They will be ready next year.

I have a few things growing at home aswell. They are:-

Various types of toms
Butternut squash
Various type of onions
Green Beans (Dwarf)

We also have another set of potatoes to plant which we will plant in a few weeks.

I will wait till these are a bit bigger than I will plant in the allotment