Friday, March 20, 2009

We are back

Due to one thing and another we have been a bit busy and not been able to do much work to the allotment.

We did not do very well growing last year due to the weather but we did manage to dig all of the allotement for the first time!!

We did manage to plant some Garlic and Leeks in October, we paid a visit last week but I couldnt bare to look as I thought the area would be full of weeds. Steve went to check first and he reported the area was not too bad. To my amazement the Garlic was growing well and no weeds,this is due to the new digging system we are using. The leeks where growing well but not as deep as I would have like. Something to work on for this year, GET BIGGER LEEKS!

Our Chickens

Here is a video of our Chickens. Two of the Ginger Chickens are Charlie and Lola - The Battery Chickens. See if you can tell which one they are.