Thursday, March 27, 2008

The way we are planting this year

This year we are planting our veg and flowers seeds a certain way, normally I plant seeds individual in pots and I dont get much success, why I dont know.

This year I am just going to throw a load of seeds in to a pot, and then sort them out when they grow big enough. I done this a few times last year and I had great success so this year I am doing it to everything.

It might mean I have 50+ Parsnip seedlings but then I have loads of plants but also loads of veg. I can see some of it growing in bigger pots if I don't have room in the allotment but hey, dont matter.

We may be mad but we have a much better success rate.

we have planted

Changing my kitchen into a mini greenhouse/potting table paid off.

I managed to plant the following:-

Spinach - Long Standing
Butternut Squash - Hawk F1
Leeks - Musselburgh
SweetCorn - F1
Basil Dark Opal
Parsnips - White Gem - This should be planted directly to the ground but this is a test to see how they do being transplanted from a pot.
Organic Spinach - Palco

Also some flowers
Giant Sunflowers, Red Hot Pokers and Marigold Jesters.

When Steve returned he planted some herbs in a few pots he bought from Ikea. He planted
Lettuce Leaf Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Chives Garlic, Parsley and Basil Sweet

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitchen is now a Mini- Greenhouse

originally uploaded by lozza1.
We have alot of planting to do but I due to the bad weather I have not been able to do any of it. The weather has got better but its still a bit chilly plus I have my 5 month old son to look after. So I decided to transform the Kitchen into a mini potting area!!! Its nice and warm, can look after Arthur and watch television and plant all at the same time.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just digging

At present we are trying to get the allotment ready for the growing season so this means loads of digging and getting rid of all the weeds.

We have digged over the area for the spuds, which are chitting lovely in the greenhouse. So just need to wait till easter and then we will plant them.

Today we are also planning to get rid of the rubbish we have collected. We have loads of carpet which I used as pathways but we have decided to get rid of the carpet and try other options.