Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Naughty Chicken!

Just been down the allotment to finish off the weeding - now all the beds are weed free. I had been home for a few hours when i noticed one of the chickens ( Lily) was at her favourite position, on top of the eglu, next time I look she is walking around the garden. She had managed to escape out of the run. This is worrying as I let them in the run extension while I am work, this is no longer save to leave them in there. I think Steve is going to make a part of the run longer so Lily can not jump/fly over the run!
I then put her back, about 10 mins later went back, she was again on top of the eglu, she looked at me and then escaped again. I have now locked them in the eglu as I am going running at 6.30pm and not sure when Steve is back. I cant risk being out and the chicken escaping.
The naughty chicken Lily is the Ginger chicken in the photo.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick visit

I am off from work for a few days so the first place to visit while I am off is the allotment. Its mainly wedding and a bit of digging at the momment. I am growing alot of veg in my greenhouse at the momment, so once they have got bigger I will then plant at the allotment.

I have just been down the allotment for a bit of weeding and thought I would take a few photo's for a quick update on the Veg growing on the plot.As mentioned before my broadbeans not doing very well, had to get rid of a few yesterday as they where just all black. Here is a picture of one of the plants

The Garlic is doing very well, I have loads growing in the allotment and a few in pots in my back garden. Here's a quick photo of the Garlic

The Brocolli and Spring Cabbage are doing really well - they have been protected by mess to stop any animals eating them. I took it off today to sort out all the weeds that have developed - I would say I got rid of 95% of them. I am really impressed on how these are growing. Don't really do much to them, just maybe water them a bit but thats it.
The Winter onions are also doing very, I need to go back and weed the area and be very careful I don't dig any of the onions up. Here's a few photo's

Friday, March 23, 2007

We are now getting eggs

We have been getting eggs from the chickens for about 2 weeks now, we think both are now laying and we get 1/2 every 2 days which is good. They are small eggs but they will get bigger as the chicken gets older.

Here's a photo of our first egg from Daisy

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quick Update

I have only managed to visit the allotment once in the last 2 weeks, not much to do. Managed to get a quick visit to the allotment in to see how what veg we have are doing. My broadbeans are not doing well, either they have blown over or they are turning black. I have cut loads of and had to get rid of a few plants as they where dead! Not sure if I will get any Broadbeans of this crop so i have bought some seeds to plant March/April. I dont think i will bother growing over wintering Broadbeans again.

Also my Spuds Seeds all got mixed up on Wednesday evening as we had a bit of wind and the plaastic green house got blown around taking the shelving unit with it. So now I have no idea which is which.

We have had the chickens for a week now, we let them out of the eglu for the first time, which went very well. Gave us time to practice picking them up, we both managed it.