Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quick Update

I have only managed to visit the allotment once in the last 2 weeks, not much to do. Managed to get a quick visit to the allotment in to see how what veg we have are doing. My broadbeans are not doing well, either they have blown over or they are turning black. I have cut loads of and had to get rid of a few plants as they where dead! Not sure if I will get any Broadbeans of this crop so i have bought some seeds to plant March/April. I dont think i will bother growing over wintering Broadbeans again.

Also my Spuds Seeds all got mixed up on Wednesday evening as we had a bit of wind and the plaastic green house got blown around taking the shelving unit with it. So now I have no idea which is which.

We have had the chickens for a week now, we let them out of the eglu for the first time, which went very well. Gave us time to practice picking them up, we both managed it.

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