Monday, October 30, 2006

whats else to grow?

As you can imagine we are retricted on what we can plant. We want to try and grow as much as we can as we have a lot ground to cover and we have to show we are going to use the allotment. Some of the people on the allotment seem to get really upset when new people turn up for a few times and then they never come back. At first I was offended by this sterotype BUT I sometimes take time to walk around the other allotments and there are a few sites just full of rubbish and not much growing happening. Yes our allotment is mainly full of carpet BUT its only to keep the weeds away and hopefully when the growing season starts we will be using the carpet for paths.

I have been on the The Grapefine Forum to ask for advice on what to grow, I actually asked about onions as I found out there where some winter onions which we can grow. I have just order some electric and radar Onions from ebay. Hopefully should get them before the weekend so I can plant them at the weekend and move some of the carpet :-)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time to Spread the Manure

We thought it would be a good idea to start placing the manure on the plot rather than it sititng on the side doing nothing. Steve had the hard job of sholving the manure in the wheelbarrow and then walking it down to the other end. I had the easy job of just spreading it. I did try it once but It was decided Steve did a better job then me.

The picture is Steve working hard while I chat to our neighbour. Well this was the first time we met so its important to get to know your allotment neighbours

This is my hard work!

We still have a bit more to move but we made a good dent in the pile.

I also planted some Peas and some more Garlic. I love Garlic. I grew some in my back garden ( Elephant Garlic) and they worked out really well.

Also picked 2 green pepers as they where ready to eat.

Friday, October 27, 2006

whats on the allotment?

Well we only have a few items growing as we got the allotment out of the growing season.

At the momment I have leeks which started life in my back garden. I went mad when I was sowing the leeks, I sowed the whole packet so i ended up with loads - I did not have the space so I gave them away on a recycle web site to give them away as I could not bring myself to throw them away. I sowed some in my back garden and some in my allotment - luckily we was giving the allotment when the leeks where big enough to be placed in the ground.

I also have peppers, my mum bought me a pepper plant which I have got about 4 peppers of the plant. I did have them in my garden in pots but decided to plant them on my allotment, its a bit late for them to be out but they seem to be doing all right. I might pick the bigger ones tomorrow

We also have broad beans,Cabbage and Broccoli, these are all new to us so we are trying to get loads of advice on them. Our neighbour recommend us to cover the cabbage and brocoli with some wire as the birds loves them and she lost some last year. They where growing great and then they was gone :-( I had a look at the cabbage when I took this photo and they are growing well.

A Quick Visit

Just had a quick drive to the Allotment to take a view photo's for this blog and also catch up with my neighbour who very kindly bought some manure for us. I've been trying to get hold of her to give her the money as I dont want her out of pocket. She was there and had a catch up,

This is a picture of the front view of the Allotment

This is the far View. As you can see there's not alot of Veg BUT this is due to the season. I ran around High Wycombe collecting old carpet to cover the plot as the weeds where growing like mad! Once we get more veg in we will use the carpet for paths.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Allotment 12a -

At the end of September we become proud owners of an Allotment in High Wycombe. We are very new to growing our own Veg so we thought it would be good to log our process, the joys and the tears!

We have been growing a small amount of Veg in our back garden, we managed to get a few potatoes, Garlic, Runner Beans and peppers. The onions got eaten, the tomatoes we left outside for too long and the Carrots didn't really grow.

We still have leeks and Butternet squash growing in our back garden. Not sure if the Butternut will work out but we will have to see. We have great hopes for the Leeks

We hope with the allotment we will learn more knowledge and more things to eat.

The Warmans