Monday, October 30, 2006

whats else to grow?

As you can imagine we are retricted on what we can plant. We want to try and grow as much as we can as we have a lot ground to cover and we have to show we are going to use the allotment. Some of the people on the allotment seem to get really upset when new people turn up for a few times and then they never come back. At first I was offended by this sterotype BUT I sometimes take time to walk around the other allotments and there are a few sites just full of rubbish and not much growing happening. Yes our allotment is mainly full of carpet BUT its only to keep the weeds away and hopefully when the growing season starts we will be using the carpet for paths.

I have been on the The Grapefine Forum to ask for advice on what to grow, I actually asked about onions as I found out there where some winter onions which we can grow. I have just order some electric and radar Onions from ebay. Hopefully should get them before the weekend so I can plant them at the weekend and move some of the carpet :-)


Rhys Lewis said...

I can believe that there are a lot of people that only make it the allotment a few times. I wanted to get an allotment and put a gazebo on it so that I could go there and read on sunny days.

Our landlord randomly sends a gardener to our house to maintain the plants. One day he weeded and turned over the vegetable garden, so I thought I should plant some things in it. I can't remember what I planted, but they are all over a meter high now. The big red ones have grown white flowers, and the thing that grew where I planted the parsley has nice flowers too.

Lozza said...

Hi Rhys
Now the clocks have gone forward I can only make it to the allotment atleast once week.

Before I was able to get a few hours in after work!