Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday morning Vist!!

We spent sunday morning down the allotment. Our onions that I bought from ebay have still not arrived but it gave me to time to sort out the area they will go into. Lucky the area have had carpet on it since about September so no weeds but still had to dig it to get rid of any bine weed. Also added some manure. I am hoping the onions will arrive this week, so I can plant next weekend

This is be digging the area for the onions. If you look at the bottom of the picture you can see the Bine weed!!! Loads of it.

We also decided to take the strawberries we had in pots down to the allotment and plant. As we are new we did not know the plants can last for about 4 years!!! When we took them out of the small pot we realised strawberries needs loads of room. If you grow strawberries in pots we would recommend planting them in large pots.

The carpet is now starting to be removed and three new beds have been created today - still keeping the carpet for paths but it finally seems we are getting somewhere with the allotment.
We also bought a few tools and a Wheelbarrow from Wilkinson, bargin price £9.99 for a wheelbarrow. They are selling all there garden gear half price. We will be taking that down to the allotment next week.


Jag said...

Bargain - I think I'll pop down and get one.

Lozza said...

we took the last one :-)
we bought in the High Wycombe branch but I have noticed the Slough one now has garden gear half price but no wheelbarrows.