Sunday, November 12, 2006

Early Sunday Morning Visit

This morning I went to the allotment in my own. Got up at 8.15am and left the house about 9.30am. Steve was still in bed when I left. I wanted to get some work done on the allotment today but had to get up early as we have tcikets for a rugby game today, Wasps v Bath.

I mainly wanted to do a bit of weeding and tie up my broadbeans - got to the allotment and realised I forgot the the string. throught I might have to go back home but luckily two of my neighbours came to introduce themselves and I mentioned I needed to go home and get some string,luckily they had some in there shed so they very kindly gave me some string- woohooo.
I love meeting new people on the allotment. Everyone is very friendly and they give some excellent advice. As we are new to growing veg we take all advice we can.
It also seems one of the nearby overgrown allotments has been cleared by council so someone should be taken that plot soon. I do feel sorry for them taking on an allotment in November!!
These are the strawberries we planted. The two varieties are Florence and Alice. They seem to be liking there new plot. I think they where very squashed in the pots I used.

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