Saturday, November 25, 2006

We have borders

We collected about 8 pallets on Friday so we had plenty of wood to make our borders. We done one border on Friday but we decided to finish them on Saturday as we need to cut some woodern pegs to keep the wood in the ground. We have an electric saw so it was easier to take the wood home and make the pegs at home with the electronic saw.

Looking at the weather this morning (heavy rain and thunder and lighting) we thought we would not make it to the allotment today BUT luckily the rain stopped, Steve cut the pegs and off we went to the allotment. Allotment was empty when we arrived but a few people turned up while we where there. I would actually describe it like the boots advert for sun cream when poeple rush out for a bit of sun and it doesn't last that long. It rains but the minute it stops everyone runs to the allootment to do a bit of work but due to the lack of light, it doesnt last long!

We managed to do all the borders which was good. Allotment looks a lot better now. We now need to plan future beds with the rest of the wood we have. Also we need to build a composter and leaf mulch composter.

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