Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day for weeding!

Todays job was weeding - woohoo. Also a good excuse to wear my new boots. I will put a photo of my boots soon. I did get them for my birthday but they was to big so had to go and get a smaller size. They are fab, dont have to worry about the mud on my trainers.
I weeded the area we plan to plant the potatoes in the new year,also weeded the Spring Cabbage and Brocolli and added manure. Still a bit of digging to do in other areas to get the allotment ready for more planting fom Jan 07
It was a lovely morning to be at the allotment but I was surprised I was the only one at the allotment. Maybe most people's allotment dont need as much work as mine or they all come during the week.

Took some photo's with Steve's new Digital SLR aswell. For some reason I can only download this 2 photo's. These are photo's of the view from our allotment.

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