Sunday, November 19, 2006

Collecting pallets

We collected a few pallets from someone down the road. Put an advert on a web site called freecycle - excellent web site to get free stuff. The idea is to help recycle stuff and saves people travelling to the tip or throwing stuff away that people can use. We can highly recommend it BUT it not all about taking, you need to also offer items aswell.

The pallets are going to be used to put borders on our beds, it will help to make the plot look smarter and also keep soil of the paths.

We only managed to do one bed - the Strawberry bed but next week we will do more. Steve is bring some more tools to help with the cutting.

Next week we are collecting 12 from a local company so we will be very busy, luckily we now have roof bars on the car now, so that helps transporting the pallets to the allotment.

We are also going to use the pallets for making a composter. The wood used for pallets arfe very strong. Many people just throw them away or put them in there skips which take up loads of room. Dont forget, if you want to take one out of someone's skip you should ask first before you remove any items.

When we got home I decided to sort out my sunflowers in the front garden as the green bin is being collected tomorrow. I have kepted a few heads for the seeds to try and use them for growing sunflowers next year.

One of the sunflowers heads is Huge, the roots where huge and took ages to lift from the ground. One of my neighbours made a comment of, you've started the tree felling then!
I think my sunflowers have been a talking poing for the neighbours, the people I have spoken to all make comments on them, normally something like, you like sunflowers then!

Now I need to weed the front garden and plant a few plants to replace the sunflowers!

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