Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our first courgette

Our first courgette
Our first courgette,
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This is our first courgette I picked of one of my plants last year. A few had been eaten but I am very proud of our first courgette. First time I have been able to grow them!

Harvest the Garlic

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As the Garlic was looking a little rusty we decided to harvest half of the crop. Arthur decided to help daddy but found it more funny hitting the garlic against our neighbours shed!!! The grandparents can have that one hehehehe!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Garlic - Solent wight

Solent wight

I decided to dig up one row of the Garlic as they where getting a little rusty. They look fab now they have been cleaned up. Now making the Kitchen smell of Garlic

Monday, June 29, 2009



Strawberries are growing well in Wheelbarrow

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How is the food growing?

The Fuit and Veg is growing very well down the allotement. I managed to take a few photo's today after a made a quick dash to water the plot before I picked up Arthur from Nursery.


Here is a picture of the onions, Some are growing well, a few are a bit small but are doing well. I actually wish now I bought more!


This is a picture of one of the courgette plants I have at the allotment, looks like we have our first two courgetts growing


The Spuds are growing well. Hoping we will get a better crop this year


Steve's raspberrys are doing very well this year. Hoping to get loads of fruit off them this year.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Red Wheelbarrow

We got a old wheelbarrow from Freecyle but I found it very heavy to use as a wheelbarrow I decided to grow my Strawberries in. I decided to paint the wheelbarrow the Red.

Before picture


After picture with my Strawberries planted

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got the Spuds in!


Finally got the spuds in.

The Plot

Picture from the end of the plot, the Garlic is nearest to the us
This is a photo from the front of the plot, the onions and herbs are growing this end

2009 Garlic


Our Garlic growing lovely in our alloment. I bought my bulbs from the Garlic Farm in the Isle of wight.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I can grow Leeks!

I have had problems over the last few years with growing leeks, they always end up having loads of leaves but not much below ground. I did dig up a few last week and they where not very good so decided I am just rubbish at growing leeks. I decided to dig all my leeks and I was very surprised. A few of them had a large amount of Stem with Steve can cook with.

Productive Easter at the plot

Thanks to Steve's parents, who took Arthur for a few days allowed us to get to the plot and get some digging done. We did not have any ground clear for our spuds so we needed to get this done ASAP.

On Friday we spent a wet morning ( Typical) starting to dig over the ground in front of the Greenshouse, we managed to get down for about 9am ( after a nice breakfast) and lastest till about 12noon. The rain was startin to get wet and as the ground is clay it gets very messy. We had made could process and decided to call it a day and come back on Saturday. We was glad we did as the rain got heavier and became very cold.

We returned on Saturday morning and made very good process, we had to stop at 12noon as we had a Easter Egg Hunt to attend to! This still gave us a good size area to plant the spuds.

I returned today on my own to try and plant the spuds but I found the ground to wet and mud was very sticky. So instead I did a bit of weeding , dug up all my leeks to allow space for the Iceberg lettuce I have growing in the greenhosue

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Arthur with mud!

This is a just a photo of Arthur, now 17 months playing with the mud. He was also finding out what mud taste like!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

We are back

Due to one thing and another we have been a bit busy and not been able to do much work to the allotment.

We did not do very well growing last year due to the weather but we did manage to dig all of the allotement for the first time!!

We did manage to plant some Garlic and Leeks in October, we paid a visit last week but I couldnt bare to look as I thought the area would be full of weeds. Steve went to check first and he reported the area was not too bad. To my amazement the Garlic was growing well and no weeds,this is due to the new digging system we are using. The leeks where growing well but not as deep as I would have like. Something to work on for this year, GET BIGGER LEEKS!

Our Chickens

Here is a video of our Chickens. Two of the Ginger Chickens are Charlie and Lola - The Battery Chickens. See if you can tell which one they are.