Sunday, April 12, 2009

Productive Easter at the plot

Thanks to Steve's parents, who took Arthur for a few days allowed us to get to the plot and get some digging done. We did not have any ground clear for our spuds so we needed to get this done ASAP.

On Friday we spent a wet morning ( Typical) starting to dig over the ground in front of the Greenshouse, we managed to get down for about 9am ( after a nice breakfast) and lastest till about 12noon. The rain was startin to get wet and as the ground is clay it gets very messy. We had made could process and decided to call it a day and come back on Saturday. We was glad we did as the rain got heavier and became very cold.

We returned on Saturday morning and made very good process, we had to stop at 12noon as we had a Easter Egg Hunt to attend to! This still gave us a good size area to plant the spuds.

I returned today on my own to try and plant the spuds but I found the ground to wet and mud was very sticky. So instead I did a bit of weeding , dug up all my leeks to allow space for the Iceberg lettuce I have growing in the greenhosue

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