Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chickens have arrived

Well the chickens arrived yesterday. I am holding Daisy and Steve is holding Lily
They have setlled in well, we had great fun trying to get them into the house when it was time to go to bed.

At present the Chickens need to stay in the eglu for atleat 5 days so they learn the eglu is there home and its a safe place.
We will also be moving the eglu to the back of the garden as this area does not have much grass anyway so the chickens can trash it and make themselves confortable.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We are getting Chickens

We have been thinking about getting chickens for a while but due to moving into a new home and I think there was a bit of chicken flue around we decided to hold fire.

We order the chickens through Omlet -

It is a bit expensive but due to me and Steve having no knowledge on Chickens it seemed best for us!

They wont be living at the alloment but in our back garden, we are allowed them but as we only get to the allotment at the weekends at present, its unfair to leave the chickens up on the allotment on there own!

The chickens arrive 23rd Feb, not sure of time yet, they will confrm the day before.

The names we have so far are Lily and Daisy, this may change as we have already changed one chickens name.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Still snow!

Well we still have snow in High Wycombe, most of the snow if off the roads and mainly still in people's garden and pavement - which is icey so easier to walk in the roads and fight with the cars and hope you dont get knocked over.

Was planning to go to work BUT the back road I have to use to get my car out is very icey

See photo below. The gate on the left is where I need to come out. I was worried if I slid I would hit the cars at the bottom.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Its Snowing!

Well they have been talking about it for days and yes it did finally snow and not just a few snow flakes, about 6-8 inches in High Wycombe. We took a work to see how the area was coping and it wasnt pretty, cars losing control and getting stuck all over the place. We both decided to work from home, Steve takes the train and they where cancelled and I drive. It wasn't save to drive.

Here are a few pictures from our Garden

Untounched Garden
Lozza in the Garden ensuring the Bird station is well stocked. Soon after this me and Steve had a snow ball fight, we actually has 2 fights!

New member of the Warman Household - Warman Snowman. While we was making it I came to discission that I thought this was my first snowman I had made. I think because I lived in London and had no garden, I never got the chance. Also the snow is not normally that thick in London.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Seeds

I thought I would take a photo of all the seeds I presently own. Its like an actiction - everytime I am in a shop I always look at the seeds they have - I think I have more than enough now.

Looks like the order we placed with T&M is slowing coming through. Steve just told me have some plants delivered to his office BUT he is off sick today so just have to wait till tomorrow to see what they are.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Leeks from the Allotment

When we visited the allotment yesterday we decided to pull up a few leeks - they are not the biggest as I think the hole I dug was not big enough, but they are still nice. Steve was going to make a chicken pie so he decided to add Leeks instead of Peas!
Here are the leeks

The Receipe is below - Steve changed it a little but it was lovely.

Warman's go for a walk

Decided to go for a short walk in the morning, went to Wendover forest. They have loads of walk, some for beginners and a few harder ones. I love just walking in the fresh air.

Here is Steve with a large stick he found on our walk

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Quick Visit

Went for a quick visit to the allotment to place the cold frame, plant a few carrot seeds and generally see whats happen on the plot as it been a while since we have visited the plot. Took a few photo's on my mobile phone.

I took a quick picture of the inside of the shed, as she can see a few tools and the most important thing in the she is in place - the kettle! Having a cup of tea at the allotment is vital, keeps you going. I recommend this tool to EVERY person who owns an allotment, a camping stove is also required

The cold frame has also been put in place, planted 2 rows of carrots which is one side of the cold frame, going to plant on the other side in a few weeks so we have a long suppy of carrots and not all at the same time, thats the plan anyway. My carrots in the back graden did not do very well so I am hoping for a better result at the allotment.

Here are a few photo's of the process of the Veg growing on the allotment

This is the onions - all seem to growing well. I did have them covered with some mesh but have now taken that off. I read of another blog not to leave it onto too long as the onions sometimes get stuck in between the holes in the mesh and as you take the mesh up you bring the onions with you!

This some of the Garlic, Got a bit of this growing - even got some in pots in my back garden, I love Garlic!

The Broadbeans are still nicely covered, They are growing very well, got a few flowers appearing so thats good! Going to leave the fleece on for a while as it seems still a bit cold at night.

Few Photo's of fixed green house

I thought I would take a few photo's of the fixed green houses which got damaged in the winds a few weeks ago. They both seem happy in their new homes This is the small green house which I lost my temper trying to put it together. One of the top bars to keep the roof has come off but I left it off for a while - scared it will full apart!
This is the large one, Steve built a woodern frame and fits perfectly. He built this while I was having a hissy fit with the small green house.
This is what remains of the old frame for the large green house. We are keeping them as we might need them to make small growing frames at the allotment.
Hopefully going to the allotment today, just to see hows it going and if the Broad Beans are OK, also need to take the Cold Frame to its news home and plant the carrots