Saturday, February 03, 2007

Few Photo's of fixed green house

I thought I would take a few photo's of the fixed green houses which got damaged in the winds a few weeks ago. They both seem happy in their new homes This is the small green house which I lost my temper trying to put it together. One of the top bars to keep the roof has come off but I left it off for a while - scared it will full apart!
This is the large one, Steve built a woodern frame and fits perfectly. He built this while I was having a hissy fit with the small green house.
This is what remains of the old frame for the large green house. We are keeping them as we might need them to make small growing frames at the allotment.
Hopefully going to the allotment today, just to see hows it going and if the Broad Beans are OK, also need to take the Cold Frame to its news home and plant the carrots

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