Friday, February 09, 2007

Still snow!

Well we still have snow in High Wycombe, most of the snow if off the roads and mainly still in people's garden and pavement - which is icey so easier to walk in the roads and fight with the cars and hope you dont get knocked over.

Was planning to go to work BUT the back road I have to use to get my car out is very icey

See photo below. The gate on the left is where I need to come out. I was worried if I slid I would hit the cars at the bottom.


lilymarlene said...

You are very wise to stay put. We learned the hard way years ago when we slid into a drift and had to be pulled out by tractor. We never take the car anywhere in snow now.....nothing is so important it can't wait!

Lozza said...

I am lucky I can work from home, going to invest in some bags of grit so it does not happen again.
Yes, I agree, nothing is so important it cant wait.