Thursday, February 08, 2007

Its Snowing!

Well they have been talking about it for days and yes it did finally snow and not just a few snow flakes, about 6-8 inches in High Wycombe. We took a work to see how the area was coping and it wasnt pretty, cars losing control and getting stuck all over the place. We both decided to work from home, Steve takes the train and they where cancelled and I drive. It wasn't save to drive.

Here are a few pictures from our Garden

Untounched Garden
Lozza in the Garden ensuring the Bird station is well stocked. Soon after this me and Steve had a snow ball fight, we actually has 2 fights!

New member of the Warman Household - Warman Snowman. While we was making it I came to discission that I thought this was my first snowman I had made. I think because I lived in London and had no garden, I never got the chance. Also the snow is not normally that thick in London.

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