Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Produce from the allotment

This year we are doing really well on actually growing Veg on the plot, here are a few pictures


The carrots I planted a few months ago are doing very well. I used severall diferent types of carrots and I pulled a few purple one up a few days ago - I have some very strange looking carrots

I have also planted a few more buckets of carrots at the end of August. Arthur helped me sow the seeds, I think he used a whole packet of seeds in the Green bucket below!!! Oh well atleast he had fun and starting to like being down the allotment.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Beds Dug!!!

Its taken us 4 years but we have finally dug the finally two beds on the plot. This area has been covered overed for a long time now. Its a great feeling. Now we just need to get them ready to plant and add some manure.

Veg from the plot

We have had some lovely veg from the plot the last few weeks,

My Favorite so far is the Purple & yellow carrots. As you can see Arthur could not wait for me to cook or cut the carrott - Straight in the mouth!

A Weeks holiday down the plot

This week I took a week of work to spend down the plot, this enabled us to do many jobs we have been trying to do for ages. We got Steve's parent to come down to help us make our shed level. Thanks to them we no longer fall down to the other end of the shed!!! We have a great success ( so far) with the produce we get from the plot - Alot better than last year and the plants seem to be doing so much better. I think this is out best year yet!!!

Here are a few pictures of some of the veg growing, Here are my leeks, I have decided to out toilet rolls at the bottom to try and get a longer white area of leek.

This is our favourite bed - its has the courgettes, carrots, onions, butternet squah, broadbeans and a few flowers. We just like the size, how well the veg is growing and the flowers in the bed are just great.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Arthur helping

This is how Arthurs help down the alloment

A few items from the plot

We had a little bit of produce from the pot over the last few days. Some very large courgettes and some good size spuds.

Monday, May 02, 2011

We now have SIX chickens

We have Daisy ( one of our original chickens), Charlie ( Battery Chicken) and the new girls, Kim, angie, Snowy and last one- she is always the last one in the chicken house.

Arthur helping with the watering

Due to not much rain recently the plot is very dry, Arthur is helping us water the spuds

Arthur is doing a great job, just need to learn to water the veg rather than the weeds

We have been Busy

We have been busy planting and digging at the beginning of 2011, we managed to dig over and add manure to a big area on the plot which has given us a great start to the growing season. It has allowed us to prepare the ground for the beans, normally I just plant my beans but this time I have dug out a trench and added manure and paper to see if it makes any differences.

The area is just in front of the car.

We have loads growing in the greenhouse. We have Peas, dwarf beans, courgettes, onions, Broad beans, cucumbers, toms, and my last set of spuds chitting.

I have already planted in my allotment Garlic, one set of Broad beans, one set of onions, one set of peas and a few carrots in a old water butt cut in half. I was thinking why I always plant my Veg and not plant in batches, no idea, so I am trying it this year.

Arthur is helping me water the Broad Beans I have just planted.

A Picture of my Garlic, From the Garlic farm Isle of Wight. Growing well

The raspberries are in there somewhere, we need to give this bed a weed but due to the warm weather the ground is really to hard. This is our first job when it rains