Monday, May 02, 2011

We have been Busy

We have been busy planting and digging at the beginning of 2011, we managed to dig over and add manure to a big area on the plot which has given us a great start to the growing season. It has allowed us to prepare the ground for the beans, normally I just plant my beans but this time I have dug out a trench and added manure and paper to see if it makes any differences.

The area is just in front of the car.

We have loads growing in the greenhouse. We have Peas, dwarf beans, courgettes, onions, Broad beans, cucumbers, toms, and my last set of spuds chitting.

I have already planted in my allotment Garlic, one set of Broad beans, one set of onions, one set of peas and a few carrots in a old water butt cut in half. I was thinking why I always plant my Veg and not plant in batches, no idea, so I am trying it this year.

Arthur is helping me water the Broad Beans I have just planted.

A Picture of my Garlic, From the Garlic farm Isle of Wight. Growing well

The raspberries are in there somewhere, we need to give this bed a weed but due to the warm weather the ground is really to hard. This is our first job when it rains

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