Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rugby London Wasps v Bath

We went to see London Wasps v Bath today. I t was a very good game, Wasps Won and it wasnt too cold. Finally score was Wasps 47 Bath 18. I bought Steve these tickets for our first wedding annervisary as he loves rugby. After we moved to High Wycombe we found out London Wasps play in High Wycombe and we can get a free bus from the local station which is about a 10 min walk. Which is fab. The only problem we found was the drop off and collectin point at the stadium is different. When we arrived we was dropped off outside a pub but when we went to the pub after the match not many people around and no buses. A few confused Australians and New Zealanders joined us. We then spotted a bus which went straight past the stop so we walked back towards the ground and found the right stop!!! woohoo. We was the last people on the bus but we mentioned to the driver a few people where standing at the wrong bus stop so he said he would stop for them and he did - what a nice man

Here is a picture of out view of the match. We had great seats to watch the game and also a great view of the surrounding area.


Jag said...

Excellent view! Exciting game too I guess!

Lozza said...

very good game

Greenmantle said...

I too am a devoted Wasps fan, and get to Adams Park, or the Causeway Stadium, or whatever they are calling it this season, as often as I can.

I have also fallen foul of the bus stop mix-up, and had to walk back to the station in the rain!

What a game you picked to see though!

Lozza said...

yep it was a great game

we are hoping to go to more games while are in High Wycombe. I love the song they play when one of the players scores from a penatly.