Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time to Spread the Manure

We thought it would be a good idea to start placing the manure on the plot rather than it sititng on the side doing nothing. Steve had the hard job of sholving the manure in the wheelbarrow and then walking it down to the other end. I had the easy job of just spreading it. I did try it once but It was decided Steve did a better job then me.

The picture is Steve working hard while I chat to our neighbour. Well this was the first time we met so its important to get to know your allotment neighbours

This is my hard work!

We still have a bit more to move but we made a good dent in the pile.

I also planted some Peas and some more Garlic. I love Garlic. I grew some in my back garden ( Elephant Garlic) and they worked out really well.

Also picked 2 green pepers as they where ready to eat.


Jag said...

You should also try chillies. They grow quite well. If you grow chillies but you don't eat them - then I'll av'em !! :-)

Lozza said...

i will remember that!

HappyMouffe said...

I'm glad they elephant garlic grew - I'm planting some this weekend and had read somewhere that the reviewer didn't think much of it. Nice blog - followed your link fron the Grapevine forum :)

Lozza said...

Hi Happymouffe,

Elephant Garlic is different to normal garlic, it comes out all in one piece not gloves - well mine did anyway.