Friday, October 27, 2006

A Quick Visit

Just had a quick drive to the Allotment to take a view photo's for this blog and also catch up with my neighbour who very kindly bought some manure for us. I've been trying to get hold of her to give her the money as I dont want her out of pocket. She was there and had a catch up,

This is a picture of the front view of the Allotment

This is the far View. As you can see there's not alot of Veg BUT this is due to the season. I ran around High Wycombe collecting old carpet to cover the plot as the weeds where growing like mad! Once we get more veg in we will use the carpet for paths.


Jag said...

I've never heard of putting old carpets out in the garden - is this a commonly practised thing?

Lozza said...

Yes - Its really good for keeping the weeds away. Its keeps the light out so the weeds cant grow. Also kills the weeds that are growing