Thursday, October 26, 2006

Allotment 12a -

At the end of September we become proud owners of an Allotment in High Wycombe. We are very new to growing our own Veg so we thought it would be good to log our process, the joys and the tears!

We have been growing a small amount of Veg in our back garden, we managed to get a few potatoes, Garlic, Runner Beans and peppers. The onions got eaten, the tomatoes we left outside for too long and the Carrots didn't really grow.

We still have leeks and Butternet squash growing in our back garden. Not sure if the Butternut will work out but we will have to see. We have great hopes for the Leeks

We hope with the allotment we will learn more knowledge and more things to eat.

The Warmans

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