Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Naughty Chicken!

Just been down the allotment to finish off the weeding - now all the beds are weed free. I had been home for a few hours when i noticed one of the chickens ( Lily) was at her favourite position, on top of the eglu, next time I look she is walking around the garden. She had managed to escape out of the run. This is worrying as I let them in the run extension while I am work, this is no longer save to leave them in there. I think Steve is going to make a part of the run longer so Lily can not jump/fly over the run!
I then put her back, about 10 mins later went back, she was again on top of the eglu, she looked at me and then escaped again. I have now locked them in the eglu as I am going running at 6.30pm and not sure when Steve is back. I cant risk being out and the chicken escaping.
The naughty chicken Lily is the Ginger chicken in the photo.


Matron said...

I am so tempted to get a chicken on my allotment! Do you find they help with eating up weed seeds and slugs? How much maintenance do they need?

Lozza said...

They eat anything green, including veg, you will have to keep a good eye on them when they are walking around your plot and also your neighbours plot.
They dont need that much maintenance- clean the poo tray every 2-3 days and a good clean once a week. Water and feed will need to be filled/checked every 2-3 days.
Hope that help