Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter visit to the allotment

We have both spent most of Easter Sunday down the allotmemt. We decided it was time to plant our potatoes. We are planting them in the area we placed manure on late last year, it had been dugg over once before so the ground was not to bad, just a few weeds. In total we had seven different types of potatoes to plant - lucky we both like potatoes. After speaking to Stan from the allotment regarding when to plant he told me to think about not planting all at the same time, so if one lot dont produce well I will have a back up and also you have dont get them all at the same time in the season, you get two batches, so we have only planted halve and maybe in 4-6 weeks we will plant the others.

Picture of the potatoe Bed

Last week we also planted some asparagus - we bought from mushroom and farmhouse manure. I can tell you its stinks! when we picked it up we had to have all the windows in the car open, luckily it was a lovely day! As the Asparagus is going to be in the ground for a very long time we needed to make sure the bed was well dug over and plenty of manure. We wont get any crop this year, just have to let it grow into a fern type flower then cut it back. The plants are 1 year old all ready so they will be hopfully ready next season.

Asparagus Bed

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