Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Extra run for the Chickens

At the weekend we had the job of building a more secure run for the chickens. We was making our way to Wickes to get the wire and bits and pieces to make the run when I mentioned to Steve I had noticed somone near our house had some old fencing in there front garden. We drove past the house and Steve said they would be perfect. The front door was open so we knocked on the door and asked if the fencing was still required. We got a weird look but she said she was taking it down the tip. Once we explained it was for chickens she said this would be perfect as the item used to be a Aviery!!! We could not believe our luck. It had a roof and a door to go with it.

Steve put it all on top of the car and took it back to the house and put it up.

Here's a quick photo

After building the run we went to the allotment in the evening to give it a good water.


Michelle said...

Hey there! Just found out about allotments and blogger's search came up with your site! I have fam in the UK, but am from Hawai'i myself. Love the blog and living vicariously through you! Keep it coming! Cheers!

Matron said...

How do the chickens like their new home? Do they eat slugs on your allotment?

welsh girls allotment said...

Wow, those chooks will be very happy in there excellant find !!

Lozza said...

Chickens are very happy in the run. I think they wonder why they can't escape any more but atleast they are safe and no longer scaring the neighbours

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