Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Both Chickens escape!

When I returned from work yesterday I was informed by one of the children my chickens had escaped! He siad three of them, I then told him I only have 2 chickens. Found Lily in the Garden and put her back then spoke to Caroline, my neighbour and she told me both had escaped out of the front garden and she was chasing Daisy in her garden. So the chickens are now in the Eglu and will not be allowed in the extra run till we fix it which will be at the weekend. We will of course be letting them out in the garden when we are home.


Matron said...

So now they have escaped, can you officially refer to them as 'Free range' ?

Lozza said...

yep you called say they are now free-range now! Have not escaped since we built the new run