Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bench and Waterbutt

We managed to get a Bench and a water butt from freecycle. We where only picking up a bench from the person who responded to my advert for a bench but she also offered us a waterbutt when we arrived to pick up the item. She is leaving the country to live with her daughter so she is trying to get rid of loads of items. She didnt have to ask us twice!!! We drove off very happy people. The items now look very nice on the allotment. The only item we had to buy was a tap for the Water butt, which we have now fitted.

Also had to fix the shed window, the wind seemed to have smashed the plastic window and we had a nice big hole in the shed! all fixed now :-)

Picture of the Bench, Waterbutt and Steve with the new piece of plastic for the shed


Rhys Lewis said...

Are you going to feed the but with runoff from the shed?

Lozza said...

Yes we will, thats next weeks job!