Friday, December 28, 2007

The Warman's are back!

We are back!

The reason for the lack of process on the allotment was due to this person

This is the new member of the Warman Family - Arthur George Warman, born on 23rd Oct 2007.

Due to having a C-section I have not been able to do any gardening for a while BUT I got down to the allotment and started the task of getting the allotment ready for the growing season. As I thought loads of weeds had appear BUT we had a few leeks growing which was great. Had some of them for our Dinner when we got home, yum yum.


lilymarlene said...

Congratulations indeed! And what a lovely name. My grandfather was Arthur, and I've always feklt sad that it fell from use.
Best wishes to you all!

Lozza said...

Thank you
He is named after my grandad ( Arthur) and my husbands dad ( George)

The old names are coming back, I heard Stanley is making a comeback,.

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