Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The big dig has started

well the only thing to do now is to get the ground ready for the growing season and this involves loads of digging and weeding. Due to not being down the allotment for a long time I have LOADS of weeds.

I am trying to dig over the area where I had my spuds growing last year, I am planning to plant some over-wintering onions there and some garlic. I think I have done the worst of it.

I have also ordered myself a proper green house. The plastic green one was not working out. Just waiting for a delivery date, I cant wait, hopefully should help a lot this year.

Spent about an hour doing a bit if digging today. I think the best way is to dig a bit once a day and I think you achieve more.

Hopefully I will be able to plant some more over-wintering onions. planted a few in oct which need weeding BUT I need to wait till they are bigger as I am not really sure which are onions and which are weeds :-)

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