Saturday, April 12, 2008

Managed to spend some time the allotment today and also took Steve's SLR digital camera so took a few pictures of the plot. Our main job was to clear the area where the second set of spuds would go in a few weeks. We also decided to give the plot a bit of tidy, moving bits of wood of the way and finding a better place for the hose.

Here is a photo of the rear end of the allotment Onions and Garlic are growing at the end. Before I planted the garlic, steve found a blog by Pippa Greenwood from the BBC Gardenings world web site. She mentioned about growing Garlic in a ridge. She recommends the ridge idea as garlic needs to expand and in clay soil this is very hard. So far my Garlic is doing well. Take a look at her blog
and the front, spuds are growing this end this year. This year we are growing Pink Fur, Rocket, Wilja and Golden Wonders.Here are the Garlic, the onions are just behing them. The pots in the back are an expertiment, I planted some galic and Onions in pots. Garlic is doing well but the Onions are not doing so well.
This is the spuds area. I have four rows of each varitey.
Arthur is now 5 months old and is very interested in trees. I managed to get a free buggy from freecycle, was going to be used by one of the grand parents but it was a bit messy so I thought it would be great down the allotment. It means Arthur is not stuck in his car seat for to long and he can see more.Here is a photo in his thrown. he makes sure mummy and daddy are working hard

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