Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back from Holiday

We have just spent two weeks in Italy so the allotment needs a bit of TLC.

I have pulled up the broadbeans - I did manage to get a few of them but not as many as I should have. If I plant them next year I will cover them but I don't know if I can be bothered with them.

All the garlic have gone rusty - Oh well. Just have to see what they are like when we dig them up in a few weeks.

The over wintering onions are doing very well. Some look very impressive.

I have planted some sweetcorn and Butternut squash - hopefully they should do ok. We are big Butternut fans and look forward to eating them.

The main jobs we need to do is the weeding, we seem to be the only people on the site with weeds, its not fair. Steve also needs to build a frame for the raspberries, to stop the Deer eating them. It seems the local Deer eat anything green. They had a nice feast on my cauliflower!!! I am planning to put brocolli in there place and will make sure the Deer can not get to them.

Spuds are doing very well. We planted in two stages so we don't get all the spuds at once.

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