Thursday, June 14, 2007

I hate weeds

The main job at the allotment is weeding. As we was off for two weeks the weeds are very big. I am always looking at other people's plot and they don't have any weeds but mine is just full of them! I spent Monday night down on the plot and weeded the broadbeans and garlic bed, the strawberry bed ( added straw to them aswell) and removing weeds from the path - these are the worst. I was getting so much done then as I mentioned before I then stepped on a nail so went home feeling very sorry for myself.

I also planted the sweetcorn and Butternut squash in the same bed. I had been told they go very well as the sweetcorn go up and the butternut grow on the ground and stop the weeds!!! thats what i like, keep the weeds away, so I am giving that a go!

Just come back from the allotment tonight, as my foot is better and I can actually walk on it now, I weeded more of the path way, the Pea bed that nothing else grows in it apart from Peas!, the Onions as they where getting strangled by the Bine weed!

Planning to go tomorrow and weed some more. I think Steve will also come and help.


Lozza said...

Why didn't you say they were huge??
We'll go and have a look at them tomorrow.

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