Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jobs we done so far in 2007

As we both had a week off from work we was able to visit the allotment during the week.

Now we have a shed I thought we need some cheap shelving for the shed, so a trip to Ikea was in order. We bought a cheap shelving unit, cut it in half and a few rails to allow us to store our tools and anything else.

We also bought a new camping stove so we can have tea while on the allotment so while in Ikea we bought some cheap cups so if they get broke we dont really care.

We wasnt planning to do any work on the allotment, just place the stuff from Ikea in the Shed but while we was drinking some tea, one of our neighbours Stan, turned up and started digging. We felt guilty so we started to dig over a small area of the allotment to get rid of a few weeds. Hopefully ( according to Stan, well he does had 40 years experience in growing Veg so we do tend to try and get as much information of him as possible) the frost will kill the weeds and help the ground when we start to plant.


wendy said...

That was my plan also - i`v spent all this time digging - at least the frost could show up.Ha.. The weathers not playing fair...

Lozza said...

Yes I hope its all worth it!

Good luck with the Digging.