Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wind Damage

Today has been very windy - I left work early as I heard loads of trees where being blown onto road and causing problems for drivers. As I drove from Slough to High Wycombe I drove past many trees which have been ripped out of the ground. One of my Colleagues who lives near me and we take the same route to and from work rang me to tell me a road was blocked and to find a new route. Luckily he rang me in enough time to change my route. I found a new route and got home safetly. When I returned home our small green house was on the floor and the other green house seemed to have travelled a long distance. No Major damage but I think the large green house is offiically broke!

I dont even want to know if I have any damage at the allotment - I have just remember my Broad Beans - they get damaged in the wind, hopefully I have tied them well enough to the poles, Just have to wait till the weekend and see.


UKBob said...

Glad to here the ban has been lifted, I can't imagine why there would be a shortage of water after all the rain we've had. I hope eveything down the allotment it okay. I think wind has to be the worst kind of weather, its so distructive.

Lozza said...

I was planning to go after work to have a look but its a bit dark