Monday, January 22, 2007

We are not the only mad people

We went to the allotment straight after work to cover the Broad Beans in Garden Fleece, we both had head torches and parked the car so the headlights where facing the allotment and used the lights from the car lights for extra lighten. We had only really started and another car had turned up - It was about 7pm and very dark so you can imagine the shock. Our car was parked straight over the main car path so we had to move the car - not a problem. Well I couldnt find the car keys - finally found them but it took about 5 mins.

The owner of the car was one of our neighbours, not meet him but have meet his wife Karen. He had come to fix his Green house that had broken in the wind. It was really funny has we all had head torches and was busy working away - the people who live in the house which are at the back of the allotment must have thought you was mad!

I dont care - my Broad Beans are now covered and protected.

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