Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A theft at the allotment

Went for a quick visit to the allotment last night to plant a few veg plants I haven't got around to planting yet - Pumkin, Brocolli and a Pepper plant. Also decided to harvest all of my white overwintering onions as they have all folded over. Some and really big, a few small ones but wanted to harvested them before the slugs start to eat them. A few had already been started on!!!
Below is a picture of the onions drying in my plastic green house. I should have left them drying on the ground but its too wet for that.


Also found out our Shed was broken into aswell - not sure when. The only things taken where the Camping stove and kettle - the fact they took the CHEAP IKEA kettle really made me laugh. Luckily we took the advice from the council and they told us NOT to lock the shed as they sometimes do more damage getting into the shed and even burning the shed down!!

Another thing I finf really strange - nothing else really moved or broken ( they moved my box of milks i have but thats it) no boxes gone through and no tools taken. If you didnt know I had a stove you wouldnt know someone had been in there. It was in the same state I left it in.


mangocheeks said...

Mmm good job your don't have a plot where I am.

Lozza said...

Why is that mangocheeks?