Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend at the allotment

I needed to spend a bit of time at the allotment at the weekend as I knew the weeds would be back and also needed to plant a few Veg plants I still had to plant. Steve is building new decking and and a brick wall, as I am pregnant I can not really help so perfect time for a trip to the allotment. Also as the weather had been bad wanted to check the site wasn't flooded.

Sunday was the best day of the week for the allotment - don't think it rained all day. While at the allotment I planted a few more leeks and some onions I had. Not sure how the onions will do but I am a beliver in stick it in the ground and see what happens. If we works out great, if it doesn't work you know not to bother in the future. Growing your own is a learning experience.

Also decided to harvest some more potatoes as the leaves looked in a bad way - either blight or slugs, so we will be having spuds for dinner most nights as we know have 3 types to use.

Some weeding was always done - it just makes the pot a bit more respectable. I am finding working at the allotment harder now I am getting bigger so I have to have more rests than normal. Luckily we do have our bench so I can relax a few minutes. I would have a nice cup of tea BUT someone stole our camping stove and kettle a few weeks ago!!

Plan to go back during the week to do some more weeding. I find if I do it during the week a bit at a time it doesnt seem to much of a pain if I leave it till the weekend.

This week I want to plant some beetroot and carrots to fill up some space I have on one bed. I do have carrots growing at home in pots but I am sure we will eat them all or we can give them to friends and family.

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