Saturday, July 07, 2007

Veg collected today

Veg collected today

A few spuds and a lettuce from our neighbour.

Managed a quick visit to the allotment - actually stopped raining for a whole day - woohoo. We decided to harvest a few spuds for Dinner and plant a few flowers i had hanging around.

Our neighbour turned up for a flying visit, we have not seen her in ages. She told us she was given up her plot as due to person reasons she just doesn't have the time, which is a shame. She is a really nice neighbour, always pleasant and friendly. I just hope our new neighbour is nice. I just hope the plot doesn't go to empty and we end up with a plot with just weeds and horrible to look at. Oh well just have to wait and see.

Just had a few of the spuds for Dinner and they where lovely. Can't wait to see how the other spuds will taste.


Matron said...

There is nothing like your own home grown potatoes! The ones from the supermarket taste of nothing. That is one of my gardening highlights. Enjoy!

Lozza said...

Yep they are lovely - hopefully we will have loads.